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Celsius, Voyager Reveal the FTX Exposure


These two companies have at most $17 million of exposure for FTX or Alameda.
Key TakeawaysCelsius today announced that it has $1.3 Million locked with FTX, and $13 Million of loans to Alameda Research.
Voyager also stated that it has $3million locked with FTX, but recalled its loans from Alameda previously.
Voyager will also re-auction assets that FTX bid on during its bankruptcy process.
Share this article It also stated that it had $13 million in undercollateralized loans to Alameda Research that are backed with the FTT token. It stated that “our work to maximize stakeholder value continues to be our singular focus” in its statement. FTX had considered purchasing Celsius in June after the company stopped withdrawing funds. However, it canceled the deal after reviewing the financial details of Celsius. Ironically, FTX was hit with the same fate as Binance this week, when it reversed its plans to save FTX after seeing the extent of the exchange’s losses. FTX also considered bidding for Celsius’ assets, which were up for auction this fall. The auction was delayed to December and no winner has been announced. Voyager has $3M exposure. Voyager announced that it had been affected recently by recent events. Voyager filed for bankruptcy July and auctioned assets worth $1.4 billion in the following months. FTX won the September bid but failed to complete the deal before its collapse this week. Voyager stated that FTX US submitted only a $5 million deposit and that FTX had not transferred the assets. Voyager also stated that it recalled loans of 6,500 BTC ($110m) and 50,000 ETH ($845m) from Alameda Research as originally announced in September. Voyager stated that it does not have any outstanding loans with any borrower at the moment. However, Voyager claims it still holds $3 million worth of crypto-mostly Terra (LUNA), and Serum (SRM), tokens–all locked in contracts at FTX. Voyager is still exposed to the failed company. Animoca Brands and Bitvo have all admitted to minimal exposure to FTX. However, Genesis Trading, Circle, Tether, and Coinbase, have all denied any exposure to FTX. BlockFi, meanwhile, suspended user activity and disclosed a $400m loan from FTX US. Decentral Media, Inc. does not provide investment advice. We do not provide personalized investment advice or any other financial advice. This website’s information is subject to change at any time. The information on this website could become obsolete or incorrect. You may not be able to update any information that is outdated, incomplete or inaccurate. We also reserve the right to change any information that is incorrect, incomplete or outdated. If you need investment advice about an ICO, IEO or other investment, we strongly recommend that you consult a licensed financial advisor or other qualified financial professional. We do not accept compensation in any form for analyzing or reporting on any ICO, IEO, cryptocurrency, currency, tokenized sales, securities, or commodities.See full terms and conditions.Recommended News



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