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BlockFi Stops Withdrawals due to FTX Collapse

 ​ Popular lending company restricts access to funds. Key TakeawaysBlockFi announced that it will stop withdrawals due to uncertainty about FTX’s financial standing. The company stated that it would post updates about the situation, but that they will be infrequent….

Bahamian Authorities Freeze FTX Assets

 ​ Regulators are focusing on the SBF empire. The Key TakeawaysBahamian regulators took the initiative to freeze assets of FTX. After news that certain Bahamian customers were allowed to withdraw funds, the action was reported. The sudden collapse of the…

Tether Freezes More Than $46M of USDT FTX

 ​ Tether appears to have begun freezing USDT funds belonging FTX. Key TakeawaysTether is enforcing USDT wallets of FTX. So far, at least 46,360,000.701 USDT have been blacklisted. Tether is said to have the ability to freeze funds upon request…